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HR outsourcing services - New trends in Vietnam

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HR Outsourcing is a service based on an experience in the field of business replacement to ensure the performance of related tasks such as: Conducting contract procedures employment, salary payment, social insurance, health insurance and loss insurance, personal income tax and income, business for business, etc.

HR Outsourcing services in Vietnam now exist in three forms:

  1. Employment service: The company is responsible for recruiting applicants according to job requirements and Service Company has a labor contract and manages the whole of the personnel for the work force.
  2. Staffing service: Avaibale for two people : workers during maternity off or when the company has short-term projects ) factory workers.
  3. Service lease: This Service includes the leasing, training, management of employees and the responsibility for the results of the work ‘s staff.

In view of this tendency to catch up with world service, they need focus on the following activities:

  1. Studying the good and bad points of HR models outsourced in the region to include in the regulations. Lawmakers need to ensure the rights of workers, but they still ensure the competitiveness of human resources, which is a factor to attract foreign investment into Vietnam at the national level.
  2. There should be measures to monitor the employment of the company as well as avoid the violation of the law on a large scale to affect the interests of workers.
  3. Communities need to properly understand the meaning of outsourced labor and have positive responses to hired labor that is considered a trend in the world today.
  4. There should be an Outsourcing Labor Association that works professionally to connect with the International Outsourcing Association so that they can learn more about service models, procedures, general rules ... to improve the quality of this service in Vietnam market.
  5. Service providers need to invest in technology software, reduce costs and have a professional training plan.

What are the problem need to HR Outsourcing?

  1. Research  good, bad grades of this model. Lawmakers need to improve the law in protecting workers' rights in constrast still ensure the competitiveness of services, thus contributing to attracting foreign investment capital into Vietnam.

       2.  Having  appropriate monitoring measures.

       3.  Improving  community understanding of this service.

       4.  Establishing  the Association of Outsourcing Labor Professionals, associate the International Outsourcing Association for more experience.

       5.  Service providers need to invest in technology software, reduce costs and provide a professional training plan

Provision of seasonal staffing

    Whether you need to hire one or hundreds of employees, we can provide human resources solutions to meet the additional staffing needs in the short or long term from general labs to technical specialists. ( replacement personnel, sick leave, special duties or seasonal personnel under the project).  This type of service will save your time as well as recruit costs, convert fixed labor costs into variable costs and match your production schedule at any time.

Outsourcing of human resources quickly respond to business needs.

Benefits of using Temporary Human Services

  • Decreasing the cost

Temporary staff will be provided when businesses need it. For example, temporary staff and technicians will be added to support new projects or to serve an unscheduled order at a specific time of the year.

Because temporary employees work for the company, the company will not have to pay for benefits or handle claims for unemployment. For example, the rate of pay for outsourced staff includes legal fees such as social security charges, medical benefits, holiday pay and paid leave.

  • Risk reduction

Most HR companies offer a wide variety of options, so businesses can leave candidates before committing to accept them. Before making the final decision, applicants will work in the business for a period of time without having to make a commitment to employment until the business is definitely the right person.

Using temporary staff during busy times will reduce the pressure and prevent slack and overwork for other employees, which will also help to minimize absences and claims. of workers in the long run.

  • Increasing flexibility

Adding staff when needed can handle fluctuations in workload, avoiding excess traits or lack of personnel in different time periods. The number of employees can be managed in line with the annual productivity norms.

Employees who temporarily handle common business functions will help other employees in the business focus on important tasks. For example, temporary employees may answer the phone or schedule a meeting while the manager can focus on insurance claims and payments.

  • Saving time

Administrative burdens related to human resources management can take a lot of time and money, by transferring those jobs to us, businesses can optimize and utilize human resources which in order  to focus on core values ​​in its core business. We have the expertise to manage the administrative functions of the search and selection, payroll, benefits and PIT, the entire work of the business is to manage employee contributions to enterprise.

Note the benefits of using temporary personnel, which will increase productivity but not increase salaries. This also allows businesses to maintain their pay levels in different locations while still being able to flexibly meet customer and work requirements quickly.

Human resource outsourcing

"In the fiercest business world of today, companies are facing unprecedented market pressures, and those who survive and prosper in the marketplace are businessmen. By reducing the cost of doing business while ensuring the high quality of the goods or services. "

Outsourcing is a form of transferring a part of a company's outsourced functions (out-source, source-source) to the functions that the company previously undertook.

To specialize and focus on the core business, work with SSG's "outsourcing service." Outsourcing is a business tool that can help you grow your sales, Revenue at the same time saves more costs, enhances efficiency.Our Outsourcing specialists can coordinate with management consultants, technology specialists to implement complex services, meet Your daily work requirements are at the most detailed level. In some respects, you can see the SSG image as your diligent staff, present at your side to deal with it. Our daily work is our outsourced service. Our main services are:

  • Application Maintenance Outsourcing (AMO)
  • Infrastructure Management Outsourcing (IMO)
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Customer Relationship & Contact BPO
  • Financial & Accounting BPO
  • Supply Chain BPO
  • Procurement BPO
  • Manufacturing BPO
  • Training & Education

Benefits of Outsourcing

Cost savings. The cost of outsourcing is usually lower than the cost of building a business structure. You will have to pay personal income tax for employees, not including the amount of health insurance, social insurance.

Save on work seats. Creating an organizational structure for full-time employees requires you to have enough office space, work equipment (desks, chairs, computers, fax machines, office supplies, drinking water).

Ensure work is always running. Your full time employee has the right to take leave, sick leave, while you need to ensure that the workload is connected. Your outsourcer ensures your work is always running.

Time saving and quality assurance. The external processing method saves you a lot of time and quality.

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