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Current situation of human resources in accounting sector of our country today

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The labor market has appeared an oversupply situation of human resources in Accounting - Auditing sector, part of this situation because many schools do not have strengths in human resource accounting - auditing, even one The number of schools with strong technical training is also involved in this training. Meanwhile, in terms of enterprises' demand, due to the global economic crisis in general and Vietnam in particular, businesses are stalled, however, despite the economic crisis Most of these units still have demand for high quality accounting and auditing human resources, bringing more value to the unit.

Accounting is a profession that requires care to detail. The work of accountancy requires carefulness and thoroughness, including the following:

- Prepare documents on daily economic activities arising at the unit: Sale invoices, ex-warehousing bills, warehousing bills ...

- Analysis of the company's financial situation, budget, costs and revenue.

- Carry out recording and checking accounting books.

- Manage cash at units and bank accounts.

- Handling accounting data, reporting on the operations of the unit to provide information to managers such as: Financial statements, profit reports, expense reports, ...

However, the workload of each accountant depends on each company, each organization and each time.

In fact, in most businesses, accountants do not promote their functions.

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Today, the economic situation is developing, businesses are established more and more and entail a series of recruitment needs, but accounting is one of the positions required to be able to form a administrative apparatus serving the operation of enterprises. According to the Ministry of Finance, in preparation for international integration before important trade agreements such as TPP officially took effect, Vietnam has built a legal and standard system up to now. Complete accounting ink, with many contents for integration and market economy development. However, the representative of the Department of Accounting and Auditing (Ministry of Finance) said that one of the biggest challenges ahead of integration is Vietnam's accounting and auditing force. There are only nearly 5,000 people with international auditing accounting certificates.

This number is too modest compared to other countries in the region such as Singapore and Thailand. Ministry of Finance also statistics, the current audit service market includes 150 enterprises (businesses), serving about 40,000 customers, including foreign and domestic enterprises. In order for enterprises to build a basic financial and accounting system, Vietnam needs to urgently have appropriate strategies to supplement international accounting and auditing human resources.

At the seminar, experts in the financial and auditing sector shared information about the advantages and challenges when Vietnam joined TPP and AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) as well as the necessary orientations to build a professional accounting and auditing force, with professional competence and ethics to grasp opportunities before integration.

Considered to be one of the hot industries in many universities and colleges, the Accounting industry is currently facing with overwork.

According to the survey at the job transaction floor in the first 6 months of 2016, the demand for jobs of workers with college and university degrees accounted for the highest rate with 68.46% of the total number of employees. The industry with the most job seekers is accounting - finance, office administration, sales - sales, mechanical - welding ... Labor Market Newsletter Q2 / 2016 was publicized by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs. Dad also showed that the group of accountants - auditors has the highest number of job seekers (accounting for 16.9%); followed by business administration (10.4%) and personnel (10%).

Although human resources are abundant, there are still about 200 universities and colleges training accounting professions. Many non-specialized schools but accounting is considered a key industry. For example, Hanoi College of Industry and Economics, 2016 enrollment quota has 2,000, there are 900 accounting criteria ...

According to the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, like the Education sector, Accounting is in crisis of surplus human resources. For many years, due to not doing well the forecasting of labor market demand to train in the right direction, helping learners have a clear orientation, leading to excess crisis in some professions. Therefore, it is necessary to have specific survey and evaluation, to consider "planning" to train to meet the needs of the labor market, avoid rampant and wasteful training as today.

According to the agreement in the framework of the ASEAN Economic Community, since 2016, accountants are one of eight sectors that are free to move within ASEAN.

Accounting - Auditing whether the supply is high, the unemployment rate is high but the recruitment demand is also high, the question is why is there such a paradox. Explaining the phenomenon of unemployment, excess quantity but lack of quality, according to the feedback from enterprises recruiting personnel for the accounting department, up to 80% - 90% of the recruited students are not able to Immediate access to real accounting work. There are several reasons for this situation:

  1. 1. Graduates from schools are very well equipped with the theory and principles of accounting but not practiced much, so their working skills are limited.
  2. 2. The work of an enterprise accountant is not only a matter of accounting in accordance with the provisions of the accounting regime and complying with accounting standards, but also must comply with tax laws and other specialized laws. But it is the tax laws and other specialized laws related to the accounting work, the newly graduated students are not really sure and especially have no experience to handle so that it is most beneficial for the business side.
  3. 3. The general knowledge block is heavy on dogmatic theory, while the specialized knowledge block is torn apart. Businesses want to recruit people who can do the job right away to reduce costs and training time.
  4. 4. The number of students in a class is too large (30 to 100 students / class), while there is only one instructor, so the training of working skills at schools is very limited.

The prediction of professional experts said that by 2018, the growth rate of the Accounting industry is still up to 22%. Currently, there are many unemployed people but the positions need high professional capacity such as finance director, chief accountant, ... of many businesses are now assigned to foreigners with a terrible salary, ranging from 100 to 200 million a month. Employers appreciate independent thinking and creative ability to find solutions. The learning program should allow students to master their studies - whether individual or group learning - encouraging independent thinking and problem solving through a series of financial and economic activities, through reading and writing skills in specialized subjects; or in guided discussions and presentations.

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