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  • Business

- Development of budget / business plan, implementation of the plan approved by the Group General Director

- Grasp accurately hotel information business in and outside the country to operate effectively.

- Monitor, implement and manage revenue to maximize revenue per room. Predict and plan for market changes and maximize revenue and profit for each client

- Maximize the sales of food services from the restaurant / hall space and efficiently manage the costs of food and beverages.

  • Customer

- supervise activities to ensure the highest quality and customer care; This includes responding to legitimate requests and efficiently resolving all complaints in order to satisfy guests;

  • Quality

- Ensure quality, standards are maintained in all parts of the hotel

- Planning and proposing repairing, upgrading interior equipment in accordance with the hotel grade.

  • Safe security

- Urge and inspect security, fire and explosion protection, create a friendly and safe environment for guests and staff;

- Urge and inspect food hygiene and safety and prevent food poisoning.

  • Employees

- Develop organizational structure and salary plan in line with the business plan approved by the Group's General Director

- Create an environment to ensure motivated employees to work; be trained and developed; timely and accurate payment of wages and benefits; and comply with labour laws and local government regulations

- Helps staff solve cultural issues and / or work environments so that staff and guests have positive experiences

- Develop regulations on reward and punishment for employees to create competitive atmosphere, increase productivity

- Develop a plan for professional training and fostering of foreign languages ​​in order to meet the requirements of serving guests and planning the source staff for each department.

- Optimum personnel for each department

- Taking care of spiritual life and material for staffs of the hotel.

  • Other duties

- Develop and maintain relationships with local authorities, local authorities, and media organizations

- To guide, inspect and take responsibility for the implementation of the regulations and rules already approved by the competent agencies;

- Periodically report business activities to the General Director and deputy general directors (weekly / monthly / quarterly / annual report) and report unexpected cases occurring out of control;

- Organize periodical meetings, extraordinary meetings with deputy directors and department heads to grasp and manage activities in a timely manner;

- Other duties assigned by the Owner or the General Director / Deputy General Director Listen to the opinions of guests and solve problems promptly.


- Having diplomas / certificates on professional skills in hotel management issued by competent agencies.

- At least 2 years of experience in the position of Director / Deputy Director or 5 years in the position of Head or depend on the type and size of the hotel.

- Having professional ethics, knowledge, initiative and compliance.

- Management skills, management of people and work

- Additional knowledge, skills (foreign language, technology ...)

- English at Level B1 (IELTS: 4.5);

- Computer skills: Use proficient in word, excel and power point;

- Have basic knowledge about market research, advertising;

- Basic knowledge of diplomacy, reception and security;

- Understand the decisions, directives, circulars and legal documents of the State and the Group relating to the operation of the hotel.


- Being the most competent person in every aspect of the hotel, the hotel manager shall have the right to:

- Decide all matters within the scope of your authority and delegate the authority to decide some matters for the Deputy Director

- To sign the proposal / request for exit, entry, payment, purchase decision to serve customers

- Decide or ask the superior to reward, discipline, to the staff under the right.

- Salary, bonus according to corporate regulations

- Social insurance, health insurance, full insurance

- Have the opportunity to be professionally trained

Interested candidates please send your CV to address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PRIORITY: 15/04/2018


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