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Employee hiring is a popular trend in the 1960s and 1970s in the US and Western Europe. Currently in these countries, the number of staff leasing accounts for about 1% of "busy" entrepreneurs in general. Every year, the demand for hiring staff in multinational companies is huge and always tends to increase non-stop.

What is Employee Leasing?

Employee hiring is understood as a means of attracting seasonal workers.

There are many forms of hiring staff. First of all, it is flexible staff, which means hiring staff for the most urgent and most needed time. Secondly, it could be leased personnel, a form of demand for companies employing recruiting and head hunting personnel. The third is the form of outsourcing - a form of hiring a team of experts or an outside company for the implementation of a project or plan.

Hiring is a good solution for businesses with limited financial resources. Businesses will not have to pay the costs associated with maintaining regular human resources, such as income taxes, health insurance, social insurance, pension funds, and management costs. employees, recruiting and training costs. On the staff side, they also do not have to worry about the possibility of being fired because of signing a lease contract with the business under the term.

Employee hiring may also apply if your business is in shortage because most employees are on long-term leave. In addition, if your business does not want to incur a tax deduction from employee wages, hiring is a good solution. Many enterprises can not apply the methods of recruiting and retaining their human resources due to difficulty in having a brain drain in their staffs, when facing financial problems. as well as the reduction of salary funds. In these cases, hiring staff is a relatively good solution.

Foreign companies wishing to expand their scope of employment can use the service of hiring staff. They may hire indigenous staff for head office positions in that country. This is also applicable to large enterprises with headquarters or branches in other provinces.

Employee Leasing Process:

Service providers select qualified employees who want to hire. In Russia, recruiting centers often choose employees on the orders of businesses, while in Western European countries, recruiting centers often choose to employ a personnel force. Power from waiter to moat top-manager or above. The selection of human resources is usually conducted after a careful study of the situation and the needs of the labor market. During the recruitment process, companies providing this service must meet a minimum requirement of security audits for their future rental staff.

Once approved by an employer seeking to hire an employee, the service provider will recommend the selected employee to the firm for a specific agreement on working conditions as well as other regimes at the same time. The amount of service (usually 20-30% of the employee's salary) is the same as the salary of the employee. Service providers must ensure that the quality of work the employee selects performs as well as the confidentiality of information during the hire process. The employee lease contract will be in three copies and will have the same effect. The service provider will be responsible for monitoring the contract and for resolving any issues arising during the performance of the contract.

When making a staff hire contract, pay attention to the following:

In the contract between the service provider and the business wanting to hire an employee, it should be stated:

- Number of employees to hire

- Employee title

- Employee term

- Employees' salaries

- The level of service fee for hiring staff

- The level of work and workload that the staff will take


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