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Personal income tax is an amount of money that income earners have to deduct and remit part of their salary or from other sources of income into the state budget. This tax is calculated based on many different fees and regulations of the law. Therefore, the personal income tax declaration service was born to help individuals and organizations solve this tax problem in the most effective and accurate way.

Benefits come from personal income tax filing services:

Instead of having to learn and perform complicated income tax filing procedures by yourself, with this support service, customers who are individuals and organizations can save a majority of their time and costs  tax for reporting and finalization.

In addition, tax regulations often change and adjust, employees may not be able to update accurate information, leading to problems when filing taxes. At this point, the experts will help you give useful advice as well as provide a full range of provisions for the tax preparer to understand and implement.

Especially, for enterprises, it is not easy to make monthly and quarterly tax reports. Therefore, the personal income tax declaration service will be the perfect choice to help businesses get optimal solutions for tax arising and control.

Personal income rental management service process:

• Information reception, tax advice: We will collect all information about the employee's income, family background and payment rate. We will consult and exchange, and provide the correct documents for personally or authorize to collect all necessary documents for the settlement under the agreement.

• Document preparation: After gathering all the necessary information and documents, we will complete all information for employees on the profile. At the same time, it will notify the rate of payment and tax refund to the employee in case there is a problem.

• Tax declaration - tax payment: After the taxpayer agrees with all the information and arising tax figures, if any, we will refund your personal income tax when finalizing the personal income tax. , tax or pay taxes for individual employees and complete the documents in the personal income tax finalization service package.


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