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The Law of Social Insurance in 2014 was issued by the National Assembly on November 20th, 2014, officially came into effect from January 1st, 2016. The payment and implementation of social insurance obligations for employees are Employers, especially businesses, pay much attention. Performing this work well is both the responsibility of the enterprise, while helping employees feel secure and dedicated when their interests are guaranteed by law.

According to Decision 959 / QD-BHXH dated 09/09/2015 providing for social insurance, health insurance, compulsory unemployment insurance. At the same time, there are stricter penalties for businesses that do not comply with the regulations on paying social insurance for their employees. However, the social insurance registration process is still complicated with the prescribed forms and forms, causing difficulties for many businesses. The use of outsourcing services helps to solve problems of social insurance for companies more and more easily and efficiently.

• The contents of the service package for making social insurance are:

- Survey and advise the current situation of the business

- Propose the best plan to minimize the social insurance payment for the employer

- Consulting, drafting labor contracts.

- Consulting, drafting labor rules and regulations.

- Consulting, participating in negotiating, drafting collective labor agreement.

- Consulting, participating in resolving labor disputes.

- Consulting on other issues related to social insurance, labor regime.

- Work with authorities on behalf of the business, drafting dossiers and registering labor for the first time with state agencies (For enterprises participating in the first time)

- Make documents to certify ineligible to establish a union or apply for union establishment

- Develop standards and title descriptions

- Register salary scale with state agencies

- Submit the first labor registration dossier and receive the results

- Hand over all dossiers, social insurance books, health insurance cards to the enterprise.

• The reason you should choose our social insurance service:

1. Time saving: Support to handle the job in the shortest time

2. Professional working process: Our Social Insurance service is committed to complying with state regulations according to the latest decree policy!

3. Reasonable Cost: With reasonable cost to ensure the cheapest price and best service quality for your business

4. Staff: Experienced in the process of handling social insurance records.

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