IT Comtor Training

IT Comtor Training

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IT Comtor Training

a. What is IT Comtor?

T Comtor is an abbreviation from Information Technology which translates as information technology and Comtor is an acronym for Communicator which translates as communicator, so we can briefly understand that IT Comtor is an interpreter specializing in communication about  information technology field.

b. Opportunity of an IT Comtor

Japan is currently one of the countries with the most foreign currency investment in the Vietnamese market in many fields, including IT. Therefore, many Japanese companies in Vietnam or Vietnamese companies that cooperate internationally with Japan began to form and develop. However, with the feature that the most used language is Japanese, while Japanese is not an easy language to learn; The number of Vietnamese IT engineers who know how to use Japanese is extremely small, or there are not many Japanese engineers who can communicate in English. Language barriers can affect the progress and quality of the project. Therefore, it is necessary to have an interpreter - who does the job of translating Japanese - Vietnamese in the field of information technology (IT) to connect the client with the project team.

IT comtor Course

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